Mountain Mover Athletics is committed to making our community stronger and healthier; one member at a time. We do this by utilizing Functional Movement Systems (FMS) to evaluate and provide corrective measures so clients move better through their every day lives and activities. CrossFit Mountain Movers over 4,000 square-foot facility is fully-equipped to meet your training needs. Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter or just beginning your CrossFit journey, rest assured you have come to the right place. Expect to reach your goals.


Mountain Mover Athletics takes the guess-work out of your training. All you have to do is show up. No more wandering around the gym wondering how many reps, what weight to use, am I doing this right? We program everything for you; from your warm-up to strength training, to metabolic conditioning (cardio), to your mobility and nutrition. You pay for training and that is what we provide. If you are looking for a place to wander around and dabble with stuff, we are probably not a good fit for you. Expect to learn and improve.

Although our program is centered on group training, our staff is professional and trained to scale workouts to meet the needs of each individual. Our CrossFit certified coaching staff stands ready to help you reach your goals. Our coaching staff is active and persistent. Expect to get feedback. Our coaches are skilled in teaching proper movement progressions and to recognize movement errors and correct them. Expect to be pushed to move better.


Kaleb Curtis ATC, LAT, MS, CSC, CF-L1, CF-L2

A former collegiate athlete Coach KC found CrossFit in 2015 after finishing his football career. He found a new passion in coaching and is currently our Head Coach at Mountain Mover Atheltics.

Caitlyn Sokoll - A former collegiate cheerleader has fallen in love with CrossFit. Caitlyn's coaching style is the perfect balance between encouraging and tough. 



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